Why the Trinity is Contempt for God

The trinity is the most popular expression of the double-minded nature of ALL traditions of men.

It makes claims like, “The Bible never describes God as unipersonal.” alongside “The Father acknowledges Jesus and vice versa.” !?! Seriously, is it necessary to explain how illogical that is? God is NOT the author of confusion and what the trinity claims is literal & 100% contradiction to the word of God and, ultimately, contrary to one’s own soul as an otherwise loved & accepted child of God. This doctrine, which Satan devised in the garden (himself at the top + Adam & Eve = the first trinity), puts you, the object of God’s Love, on the very vague and unsteady ground of, “Yes, I know God – all three of them.” And who, among “them”, loves you? Well, for this, there have been created untold volumes of “scholarly” this and “theological” that which drives people further & further FROM the love of their God and into a very subtle, yet very real, “rating system” whereby it is impossible to not have varying degrees of affection for the different god people being believed in.

The Lord spent, literally, thousands of years disabusing His people, Israel, of the notion of there being “other gods” which was for the purposes of 1) getting to know their ONE God and 2) He KNEW that even if they did come around to Him, if they did it by way of those other gods, they would be vulnerable to paganistic concepts like the trinity which express a deep contempt for God as it gives the “worshipper” the power to commune with the “god person” of his or her choosing at any given moment. Which is at the root of ALL pagan cults, man’s flesh and, in the end, Satanism.

I am not saying that trinitarians are satanic, BTW, but they have given themselves over to the enemy in the most important part of their existence (that of who they are in relation to who their God is) as it is impossible to know exactly who one is, in relation to one’s Creator, if one’s “creator” is an amalgamation of “co-creators” in whom can be found various levels of comfort, fear, safety, help and harm by means of a system so fuzzy in its execution that we now have, quite understandably, literally tens of thousands of ways to “get right with them”. That is insane. That is evil. That is the plan of the enemy in its truest form – and it is working to a T.


4 thoughts on “Why the Trinity is Contempt for God

  1. I fail to understand what precisely your decrying. Are you denying that all of God was in Christ? Against which Jesus insisted that the Father dwelt in him and the works and words of Jesus were his. Are you denying that the Spirit of God has truly been sent from the Father and his Christ and is the means whereby the body of Christ know his comfort and truth, and that such knowledge is by its very nature personal? Or are you denying the specific formulation of the Trinity as attributed to Chalcedon which is to say its ontological aspect, in which case for clarity might I suggest you state specifically the doctrine which you intend to challenge.
    It is however hard to believe that the innumerable martyrs to the truth of God had no knowledge of the God for whom they gave their all; to suggest such strikes one as intemperate and you are perhaps railing rather against a certain brand of authoritarianism which sadly characterises Evangelical groups who are perhaps a little more concerned with circling their waggons than desirous of communicating with them there native sons. Peace


    1. Since you did not address one thing (directly) that is said in the piece, I am not sure if you just wanted to say something or if you actually want to engage in a conversation. So, I will ask, do you wish to engage in a conversation or, did you just want to make a statement?


  2. Hi. Good article. In the last days the love of many will wax cold, which is really sad. In churches people are of one mind in lockstep with the church pastor. Or so it seems. I growing up zero church nor any discussions about God. I tell someone about the experiences I have had and they say it can’t be so. Most people only hear their own voice or are silent. So I had to decide did I believe in God? I was not able to search him out. I was in jr high. So I decided it was safer to believe. Next was how to believe. So I went to the library and the first book I read was Shinto. When I looked at all of the books and knew I could never fully understand and pick correctly. I looked up and told my new found God “if there is something I need to know you need to tell me”. As I said whenever I share experiences of spiritual matters I get ignored. There is a lot stumbling for those on the outside. Plus I had many tangible supernatural experiences which also is unbelieved. Add to the mix that I found out my mom had into black magic with a group. I love to talk about the Lord our God,Jesus. Due to my life it is difficult as most people can’t debate or share or reason or teach. Instead they battle knowing only what pastor says. Next time I’ll use a computer as using a tv remote is for the birds.


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