Hello Saints – Let Me Share This With You..

Hello saints,
I would love to share the greatest love story that has happened in my life. The most amazing and beautiful thing has happened in the lives of my husband and I…

Let me begin by saying God is love and He is beautiful. There was a time in my life when I lived in fear – in fear that I was in trouble with God or that He would punish me. And that fear would always cause me to repent daily and that fear caused me to believe that I could lose my salvation. That fear would cause me to believe all kinds of stuff.

Then there was a time in my life when I believed that I needed to stay busy like, doing active things for God… and actions and so on. I believed that I needed to be baptized in water, I believed I needed to speak in tongues and needed to repent daily…

To make a long story short, continuing this journey, I wanted to know God more and, He started to reveal Himself to me. “Ok, so here I am a Holy Ghost filled, baptized in Jesus name person.” Ok, so let me continue. He started to reveal Himself to me in an intimate way, totally intimate, in a way I’ve never known Him… He revealed to me about His love on the cross in how He died and then resurrected. He revealed to me how I was forgiven of all my sins, past, present, future. He revealed to me that it was “finished”, done, He did it all! this God, the One and ONLY God. The same God that walked & talked with Adam in the garden, this same God, that’s still the same because He changes not, has revealed Himself to me.

Now I’m knowing Him as an individual in an intimate way.. my life has truly changed, not because of me or what I’ve done, and not because I love Him, it’s because of who HE IS and what He did, and I have faith in Him knowing that He did die – and then resurrected.

Fear is gone, condemnation is gone, Religion is gone and so much more.. now I rest in His perfect love knowing that I’m loved & accepted by Him – my Father. And He calls me His daughter😁 He has shown me that denominations, organizations, religion & religious groups ALL cause divisions – they ARE the division! Why? because they are man made. He has shown me that the body of Christ is not a certain building or denomination or organization. And lastly, He has shown me that I no longer need to live a life of daily repentance. I just wanted to share this amazing love story with you all because, I truly know, by what’s happening in our lives, that when you really want to know your Savior, and you seek Him, you will find the living God. God bless you saints


6 thoughts on “Hello Saints – Let Me Share This With You..

    1. I agree totally sis, there’s something about the way she communicates and relates about her relationship with her daddy that is just so unique. But then, we all have a unique story like that to tell about us, as individuals, and our daddy.

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  1. Amen my sister in Christ Jesus what an awesome and powerful testimony you have thank you for sharing sorry that i haven’t been on here in a while


  2. Now I’m totally confused. Does this site believe in the trinity or not? What are you talking about when you say: He did it all! this God, the One and ONLY God? God didn’t go to the cross, he didn’t die. He’s from everlasting. He cannot die! The son said, My God, My God, why have you forsaken me! His son was created, HE’S NOT GOD! He’s human and will always be human! He sits at the right hand of God, not on top of God or in His seat!

    I’m not listening to you guys anymore. I think you’re more confused than I am. Have fun with your game because this, from what seems to be from your heart, tells me you’re playing with our lives –emotionally, making us believe God is Jesus and Jesus is God. I think you need to listen to Brother Kel on You Tube. He’s got it biblically correct.


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