What Is Love

I was thinking about God my Father,
and about who He is.
How He is such a loving Father!

I was thinking about (love) God is love,
that’s what love is, that’s WHO love is, it’s God!

I was pondering on life,
and thinking about how some people
have beautiful lives here on earth.
Some have beautiful families,
beautiful homes, great careers or jobs,
awesome children, etc.

And still they’re not content,
or satisfied,
or happy,
or fulfilled.

As I was thinking about this,
I heard, “It’s because they don’t have or know love,
which is God!”

The next thought that came to me was,
“God created us to know Him and Him to know us,
He loved us from the very beginning!”

He IS love: In creation
He IS love: In giving
That’s what He did on the cross!

He is love of Grace
Everyone has a need for some kind of acceptance & love.

I’ve realized that God IS our love & acceptance,
that we are all looking for and I realize,
that is what He created us for –
So we can know HIM (love)

Not only is He the Creator, He is the Savior,
of all men,
He is your Father,
And He is Love.


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