“Would God Have Been Pleased, With Any of These? Would He Have Found Bliss, In ANY of This?”

Would God have been pleased,
With Adam and Eve,
Had they never took from –
That fine looking tree?

Or if Adam had said,
While scratching his head,
“My LORD, pardon me –
Must dead really mean dead?”

Would the LORD have repented?
And fixed all they dented?
For a guilty confession –
Or if they lamented?

Had Adam resumed,
“LORD, say we’re not doomed,
I’ll teach Cain the law –
And for You he’ll be groomed!”

Would the LORD have extended,
Or renewed what WE ended,
So from that day till now –
His cross yet suspended?

Or if they explained thus,
“Oh my God, we won’t cuss!
But by heaven we swear –
Weekly You, we’ll discuss!”

“Each week we’ll announce,
Our mistakes to renounce,
And turn all our bad good –
But if not, You can pounce!”

“Should our sin be immense,
These fine clothes our defense!
Now no more in the buff –
So, your wrath, is from whence?”

“So You see LORD, no need,
For growing Your Seed,
To suffer our manors –
Or winnow one weed.”

“We have learned like we should,
Knowing evil from good,
Just one more instruction –
For Your church, give us wood.”

“You see LORD, for Your sake,
Did we eat from the tree,
This is all a mistake,
WE were pruning, you see?”

“The snake planned this evil,
It’s all part of his plan,
To cause You upheaval,
His ‘church’ keeps You from Man.”

“Don’t bother complaining,
We know You can’t lie,
On us all is Your raining,
Thus we win! – till we die.”

What if God answered softly,
“Man, religion is cunning,
But I still love them awf’ly,
Although Me they’re shunning.”

I know that’s a fable,
And didn’t take place,
Still thank Him who’s able,
Who for us won this race.


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