Do You Believe?

As a former church attender of 35 years of my life, I’ve had a lot of experiences.
Prayer services, altar calls, greeter, mentor, Sunday School teacher,
door knocking, prayer booth, pastoral care, Bible study teacher,
outreach ministries, homeless worker, ‘prayer warrior’, retirement
home ministry, etc. and I say all that to say, as I sit here and think
about all of those good works, I’ve realized that those are just what
the church calls “good works”!

That’s not what God is saying, He is saying all these things are
works of the flesh!

He is saying, “Do you know me? do I know you?”

“Do you know who I really am?”

“Do you believe in me?”

“Do you believe I came for you and died on that cross,
so that you can have life restored back to you?”

“Do you know ALL of your sins are forgiven – Once and for all?”

Will you believe, so you can be resurrected back to life with me?”

WILL you believe that you are loved and accepted by me forever?
For eternity?”

“None of your fleshly works has anything to do with salvation.
No carnal baptism. No religious repentance.
NO works.”

“Do you believe: I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life?”
“Do you believe… WILL you believe…
It is finished?”


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