What if YOU – Could Make A Human Whole?

If you had the power to heal anyone anytime, just by touching them or saying the words, “Be healed”, what would that do or how would you change as a person?

I ask this because I was really thinking about it in terms of what that would do to a person. We see fake healers going all over the place & they do these things for money & ego & for fame but, what if it was real & YOU could actually do it? I want you to take a minute to imagine…

And I’m not trying to say we would all be like Jesus because, I’m sure – depending on which one of us had such power – we might still want to make money or some profit out of it. BUT if you can just imagine what that would be like: someone walks up to you, a little child let’s say, completely crippled, blind, maimed. Maybe something even worse, arguably, like molested & in the torment of these things that’s happened to them, physically & emotionally, & you could just touch them – wiping it ALL away – & watch as that human being is transformed right in front of you! From a soul in bondage to pain, suffering & sadness to one free & healthy in spirit & body, completely, as though they where a New Creation, just as God intended us to be.

Even if you had the intention to make money from it, once you saw that for the first time, would you ever get around to pursuing your own goals? Or would you be so captivated & exhilarated by seeing this, that it would be all you would do for the rest of your life?

I wonder, sometimes, what it was like for Him when He touched someone. To see a soul made completely free by The Power of Love, the power of God. His love. His power. The God Who wants us to be at rest & to be at peace so, when we ask for that, He simply touches us – giving without measure.

A question that might go along with that, “Who wants that peace?” or, “Do we really WANT that peace?” Are we simply lacking information to ask & seek for it? or, are all of us aware of the choice & we choose, as a very real choice, our pain & our sadness because there’s certain benefits to it? Just a thought, just a question…


2 thoughts on “What if YOU – Could Make A Human Whole?

  1. You guys are very prolific writers! Another good one here. 😊 I read Luke 13 this morning, and in verses 10-17 Jesus heals a woman on the Sabbath Day. I think He DID enjoy healing people, but I also think He loved to “use” the healings as a way to teach the TRUTH that the Pharisees’ obedience to the Law was useless to make them “good” (Hebrews 7:18). “For if that first covenant had been faultless, then should no place have been sought for the second covenant.” (Hebrews 8:7)

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