Response to: “38 Reasons Why Jesus is NOT God”

Following is a response I made to a muslim man in a comment section of a YouTube video. My answers are in italics. (feel free to CRITIQUE, merely trying to stir up conversation)

“38 Reasons Why Jesus is NOT God” – If you focus on who God IS instead of who Jesus is NOT you will come to a positive (and informed) conclusion.

“1- God Doesn’t Change His Nature (Malachi 3:6)” – That is a non-sequitur. What about Jesus, as our God & Savior (see: Titus 2), informs you His nature is changed in Jesus?

“2- GOD Almighty is Greater than Jesus. (John 14:28 )” – Jesus is God’s Word made flesh. Your words, as your thoughts who do what you “tell them” to, are not as great as you – the one creating them.

“3- No one is “Good” including Jesus. Only GOD is “Good” (Luke 18:19)” –
If Jesus is not good He could NEVER save us as it took His PERFECT sacrifice to do that.

“4- Jesus said he doesn’t know when the Hour will come. Only GOD Knows. (Mark 13:32)” – Our Messiah = 100% man + 100% Yahweh (see: Psalm 110:1) so, again, as the Word made flesh, He knows things when God speaks Him into that knowledge. (see: John 5:19)

“5- Jesus said that “OUR God is One GOD (Mark 12:29 )” – EXACTLY! Jesus IS our One God.

“6- Jesus also said “My GOD and your GOD” (John 20:17)” – A God is over something. You are “the god” of what you speak. (see: Exodus 7:1)

“7- Jesus bowed his face down to the ground to GOD Almighty. (Matthew 26:39)” – Again, your words submit to your will. However, in His case, He did it perfectly. Thank you Jesus!

“8- Jesus was tempted by satan for 40 days (Mat. 4:1), while GOD Almighty can not be tempted (James 1:13)” – Scripture says, “Thou SHALT NOT tempt (or test) God” because Israel did, in fact, test Him during their 40 year stint in the wilderness. Also, re: James 1:13, the word for ‘tempt’ used there is used only once in the entire Bible & it basically is saying He cannot experience (or, ‘exist in a state of’) temptation like we can. That is why he follows that verse with “each person is tempted when he/she is drawn away of THEIR OWN LUSTS”. 

“9- Jesus said he is a man (John 8:40)” – The LORD is a MAN of war: the LORD is His name. (Exodus 15:3 KJV) And yes, that word for man IS man. Also see 1 Corinthians 15:47 (“…the second man IS THE LORD FROM HEAVEN.”)

“10- God is neither a man nor a son of a man (Numbers 23:19)” – That verse is Balaam paraphrasing the LORD, something he did so bad earlier in this story that God had to open the mouth of a donkey to admonish him. Considering that, and that the LORD HAS repented several times, it is reasonable to think God knew Balaam would botch it so He used his incompetence to His own advantage. Bottom line: this is the account of a MAN talking about God, not God talking about Himself.

“11- No one can see God (1 John 4:20) but people saw Jesus” – Adam walked with God. Abraham had a meal with Him & 2 of His angels. Jacob wrestled w/ Him. Moses spoke w/ Him, face to face, as a man speaks w/ his friend and, finally, God Himself told doubting Thomas (and Philip) that “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.”

“12- God is the living and everlasting (Habakkuk 1:12)” – And God is the ONLY ONE who can BECOME something He is not to show us who He really is – a fact which should produce joy as that is how He saved us!

“13- Jesus always confessed he is just a prophet sent by God (Matthew 21:10-11)” – That is NOT Jesus’ words. I will chose to believe that’s a mistake but, that’s a very bad one.

“14- God Declared Himself to be God, Jesus didn’t (Ezekiel 20:20)” – Ye call me Master and LORD: and ye say well; for so I AM. (John 13:13 KJV) see also: Revelation 1:8 & 11 and Rev. 21:6 & 22:13

“15- Jesus told his real mission was to preach not sacrifice Mark 1:38)” – That verse does NOT say He did not come to be sacrificed for us. Saying, The Son of man must suffer many things, & be rejected of the elders & chief priests & scribes, & be SLAIN, & be raised the third day. (Luke 9:22 KJV)

“16- Jesus desired Mercy not Sacrifice (Matthew 9:13)” – He is speaking here about God’s attitude about US. He wants mercy FOR us (through HIS sacrifice mentioned above in Luke 9:22 & MANY others) not sacrifice BY us.

“17- Jesus refered to himself as Servant: Matthew 10:24” – Again, your words serve you according to your will. see also: Isaiah 55:11

“18- Referred to himself as Prophet: Matthew 13:57” – Correct, Prophet, Priest AND King, HALLELUJAH!

“19- Referred to himself as Son of Man: Matthew 5:9, 17:22, 8:20, 18:11, 26:2, Luke9:22, John 5:27” – Once more, ala the old “100% man + 100% God” formula, His IS both because only He, God HIMSELF, could be our perfect sacrifice!

“20- Referred to himself as a Slave: John 13:16” – Okay, so now you are simply trying to denigrate your best friend. He did that for YOU – do you know that?

“21- Referred to himself as a Student: Matthew 10:24” – What?!

“22- Father is Grater than Jesus (John 14:28) How can someone be greater than God?” – Already explained above.

“23- Jesus was taught by the Father (John 8:28)” – Explained above.

“24- Jesus can do nothing by himself (John 5:19, John 5:30)” – AGAIN, as THE Word made flesh, He obeyed perfectly the One Who spoke Him. As the living embodiment, the very action of God’s desire (as a human) in perfection, Jesus’ life expressed the heart of God by doing what “He could NOT do”, yet, only He could be the One to do it.

“25- Jesus does not even has his own doctrine (John 7:16)” – Here’s MY take on that:

“26- Jesus ascend to his God (John 20:17)” – answered above

“27- According to Christians, Jesus died as recorded in Matthew 27:27-56 but Bible says that God is infinite Pslam 102:27-27” – Jesus, the man God BECAME, died and, Jesus, the God who became one of us, raised HIMSELF up (see: John 2:19) We cannot create ourselves, as there is only One Creator – AND – that One Creator, of the heavens & earth, Created HIMSELF as our One & Only Savior, Christ Jesus (see: Titus 2:11-14)

“28- Jesus needed to Pray, Eat, Drink and Was Helped by Woman, as stated in Luke 8:1-3 but God in Bible is self-sufficient Psalm 50:12” – see Philippians 2. Yes, He’s self sufficient and He CHOSE to be a mortal man susceptible to hunger, thirst & in need to pray who needed others (although, NOTICE, He never asked for people to pray for HIM, only to watch!). – p.s. Is it ‘evil’ (to muslims) for a woman to help?

“29- The God remain the same in nature (Hebrews 1:12)” – That verse says nothing about His nature BUT, in chap. 13:8, we see clearly that our God, Jesus, IS the same yesterday, today & forever.

“30- Jesus is the same human today, yesterday and forever (Hebrew 13:8)” – Oh boy…

“31- Jesus could not saved anyone as he was even not able to save himself (Hebrews 5:1-8)” – You are saying Jesus can’t save but He’s the same human FOREVER? 

“32- Jesus said he was sent to lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 15:24)” – the Israel of God (see: Jacob) are all who BELIEVE (as in TRUST) God.

“33- God can not be born and perhaps form his own creation” – Since you use the Bible to “prove” the Bible is wrong you won’t like this but, Isaiah 7:14 (Immanuel, God with us) & Revelation 22:16 (The root & offspring of David) among MANY others refute you on this.

“34- Jesus never ask people to worship him” – and He NEVER told anyone not to, thus, indicating who He was/is looking for.

“35- Jesus did not Teach Trinity” – You got THAT right.

“36- God is the essence of the worship. He is the object of worship. Had Jesus been God, he would have told people to worship him. Truly, he did the exact opposite as in Matthew 15:9” – WHAT?! He said “in VAIN they DO worship ME”. He’s talking about/to the religious (see: ANY denomination or cult).

“37- Jesus never call his followers Christians, Paul did” – No worries, just call me “a son of the most high Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ” & that’ll do for me thank you.

“38- Jesus as a servant of God (Matthew 12:18)” – again, your words serve you. Although, in your case, very poorly.


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