Is Oxygen The Mark Of The Beast?

Is Oxygen – the mark of the beast?
Is the leaven of life – some sour dough yeast?

When Jesus had said – to Peter, His friend,
“What if John stays here, till I raise the dead?”

Did one even listen? Nary 1 have an ear?
When our Savior cried – “Who has ears, let him hear!”

He laid out clearly – His walk to the cross.
But their flesh told Him back, “No way Lord, I’m YOUR boss!”

So, instead of hearing – an ear was deleted,
Our Savior still saved us – our foe still defeated.

In the end, maybe not – hear all clear, must we all,
And instead our best shot – is Hear HIM, and HIS call.

Until we’re with Him – a break, let’s all give,
To ourselves & to “them” – and somehow, let’s all live.



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