Thirsty? “You Shall Thirst No More..”

Jesus said, Come drink of me, and you will thirst no more.

I truly understand this now. When you become a believer and you drink of Him, you will thirst no more – forever. You won’t thirst for this world’s lust. You won’t thirst in your flesh for worldly desires. You won’t thirst for the world’s love.

Jesus offers Himself, He is our living water. He fills our thirst completely. It is a living experience, knowing our God, Who is eternal Life.

We each, as individuals, have deep needs, and Jesus is THE person who relates to us – One individual to another.

He is our Living Water

God is so loving, so giving – our well is filled with His water – Jesus, our living water.

Once we took of it, we never had a need for anything else (as in: religion). We had our thirst satisfied and filled. We are no longer the same, and we will never be the same.

Jesus said, Whoever drinks this water, that I give him, will NEVER thirst again.

Come and drink of this Living water, and be filled with the Living God, and you shall be overflowing in the rest and peace of your God.


3 thoughts on “Thirsty? “You Shall Thirst No More..”

  1. Amen! It’s all about Him; the Living Water, our Daily Bread. . . . I guess we can say that He is our ‘Robe of Righteousness’ too, so as that Scripture says, “with food and clothing be satisfied,” — well, there you go! He is our spiritual food and our spiritual clothing! He truly provides ALL of our needs! ­čśâ

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  2. Amen I testify to this truth that you are sharing about the Living Water and thirsty no more because my very soul is full now I lack nothing and my every need is provided by father God

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