Life Is About: “Correct Choices”? or, ONE Good Choice?

I ask this because we are instructed quite regularly, both by the “world” & by religion, to learn the necessary data on how to live so as to always make, individually, sound choices. Whereas, if you look at where we came from (in the Garden, with our God), it appears that there was only one choice of any true significance and it was made right there.

Fast forward to now: It turns out we have a God & Creator who, personally, took away all of our bad choices and restored the opportunity for us to be in the presence of the only One who makes the good choice every time.

So, it’s your choice: Study, work & become “Master of your own destiny” by your, continually, wise choices. Or: Choose faith in The Only One who is capable of making the right choice every. Single. Time. Knowing He chose to love you, and He won’t “unchoose” that – and He promised that He never would.


3 thoughts on “Life Is About: “Correct Choices”? or, ONE Good Choice?

    1. Thank you, sis! Making people smile (or laugh, or cry, or rage, or scratch their head, or well, you get the picture) is what we are all about here. Glad it made you do one of the above. πŸ™‚
      Also, don’t know if this sounds crazy but, our new life as new creations in Christ comes w/ the kind of faith that knows, even when “I don’t have no faith!”, we can still rest in His. If that makes sense. If not, go ahead and scratch that noggin. c:

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