Dear Jesus,

Today, I just want to thank you for your love. I’m understanding how much you love me – So many years of shame, regrets, guilt, fear and so many other things I’ve carried throughout my life… never truly understanding that I was loved, even before I was ever born. I’ve struggled and believed so many lies – that I was a reject and no one would or even could love me.

This day I can say, “Thank you, Lord, for removing the lies that were in the way and kept me from seeing who you are and what you have done! I’ve been in the bondage of religion for a long time but now, I can thank you for breaking that bondage of disbelief! Thank you, Jesus, for letting me be a part of you! I want to know who you are and truly understand your amazing love – so that I can share with others.”


3 thoughts on “Dear Jesus,

  1. Oh, yes, I agree and thank the Lord with you for removing the lies that kept you (and me) from seeing the truth. Those lies kept us in bondage for so many years — lies of relation, of false doctrine, false teaching. . . . So thank you Suzette for this simple, succinct and sweet message of gratefulness to your Savior.

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