Is It Possible?

Today I’m pondering on: Is it possible to know God, our Creator and Father?

Is it possible to speak with Him, and Him with you?

Is it possible to walk with Him and Him with you?

I think of Adam in the Garden, and my hearts asks,

Wow, is it possible for us to commune with God like that? or,

Do we need to be in a ‘church’ because that’s where we can know Him?

Is it possible?


4 thoughts on “Is It Possible?

  1. Shoot. Are you joking, girlfriend!!?? 😆 (Assuming this is Suzette.). I know you know the answer to your question and I KNOW that you know it has nothing to do with sitting inside a “decorated facility,” as our friend would say. 😺

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  2. Hey sis, you are cracking us up! Also, we really, really appreciate your thoughtful input and insights (Aaron kills me when he says “decorated facility” lol). And no, she’s not joking. It’s just that we’ve found that so FEW get this (even in the “grace community” MAJOR “teachers” tell of a class system of rewards in “Heaven” – ??? – that’s not the heaven I’m longing to enter). Sooo, sometimes, like in the post right after this one, we address those who are still bound to religion. I call it the “what if” approach to making our appeal.

    I’ve illustrated to people that their Father loves them, and will NEVER stop loving them (resulting in tears), only to have them embrace their religion in spite of this reality. Like Aaron says,(paraphrasing) “It’s not that people don’t know the truth, it’s all the stuff they believe on TOP of the truth that renders that truth worthless.”

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    1. I might as well at my two cents since i know exactly what you both mean by decorated facility ,ill never walk in one of those again ive been there done that and as Aaron say bought the T shirt

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