Life and Death

God, your love is so powerful and amazing – it changes a soul in such a way – we could never imagine. Knowing who you are, and believing in what you have done for us, is so unimaginable. Trusting that you loved us so much, that even before we ever existed you loved us.

God, our Creator of this earth, loves us so much that He came in human form, as Jesus, and paid the punishment for OUR sins (death), so we could be restored back to life with Him FOREVER. Wow, what a perfect Love Sacrifice! And to know that we are forgiven once and for all when we believe. Wow, so amazing!

I will always and forever be getting to know my God – This Love that is so not of this world – Who accepts me as I am.

How amazing is this love, to be brought back to life from death.



5 thoughts on “Life and Death

  1. Love, love, love these words! And the photo of the empty tomb — always love to see that image. I like how you sum up all sin as DEATH. And I like how you describe His love as powerful — His love truly is the greatest power on earth. And it is that power, revealed in the gospel, that enables us to know who He is and to believe in Him. Thank you for blessing us with this excellent and well written blog, Suzette. (Suzette, right!? 😄)

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  2. Okay, assuming it’s you, Suzette . . . This truth that you understand, that you share here, it is so deep. So profound. So difficult for most to grasp and hold on to . . . because it’s so SIMPLE. And we humans are addicted to complication.

    Ever since I came to understand the simplicity of the gospel, of our complete forgiveness as believers in Jesus, of God’s perfect love for me . . . I have continually been amazed at the GENIUS of God that is revealed in the SIMPLICITY of the gospel. (Albert Einstein said that if you can’t explain something simply, then you don’t understand it.)

    The gospel is so simple that a 4-year-old can understand it (and believe and be saved), and yet it is so deep and profound in its simplicity that most intellectuals reject it. I think, in most cases, their rejection is based in pride. Because there is nothing to boast about, there is no soap-box to stand on, no doctrine to proclaim to be an expert in.

    So, brothers and sisters like you and Mark, and Aaron B., and a few others that come to mind, are a walking, living miracle to me. Your trust in Jesus and in His finished work is a total miracle. Thank you guys for being YOU!

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