His Love – Enough? It Is

In me, is He? – here’s what, I see:
Mercy, and grace – found in, His face.
All told, none more – giving, our Lord.
Came God, to save – all souls, weak brave.

Babe small, some saw – earths’ pall, hid awe.
Under, His gaze – observes, our ways.                                                                                     Grows strong, shares thoughts – with docs, frees knots.                                                      Loved He, so much – strong lame, as such.

Young Man, heart bursts – must fill, His thirsts.
Finds twelve, knows one – sells soul, rest shun.
Loves all, not somegives all, takes crumb.
Road there, blind see – lame walk, wronged free.

Save us, He would – His pain, our good.
Recant, this grant ? – None can. HE shan’t!
Your “job”? just this – accept, His bliss.
Precious, His blood – grant me, that flood.


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