Questions to God…

Today I ask God, How do I know that you are with me and in me? How do I know that I’m going in the right path of my life? How is it that I will get to truly know you, and what you are about? Do I read a book or listen to some sermons or lessons that people teach?

As I sit here and write this, a hummingbird comes right above my head and drinks from the feeder, I have hanging on my tree, right above me. And I say, “Thank you Jesus, you are so amazing!” So I sit here and say, “Wow Lord, you’re everywhere! Even in that hummingbird, you’re right here, with me. Wow Lord, you’re everywhere!” So today, as I’m speaking with God, I say “God, I want to know the things you love, and what you’re about. I want to know you intimately. I want you to know me also.” So I ask, “Who are you about?” I hear a whisper say, “I’m about you! I’m everywhere with you, and you see me. You just seen me in that little hummingbird. You are never alone. My love is with you always.”


2 thoughts on “Questions to God…

  1. Suzette! Is this you writing!? I think it is. I looooooove this post! I want to print this out and carry it with me always. This is such an excellent reminder of our purpose in life, to know Him and HIs love for us. You have true wisdom, my sister. . . . “So I ask, “Who are you about?” I hear a whisper say, “I’m about you!”

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  2. This is Mark and yes, you are correct on BOTH your assertions re: “Who’s writin’ what”. Also, the part you quoted is the part that choked me up. My baby has such a unique way of relating how her & her daddy communicate. It’s one of my favorite things in life to hear about.

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