“How Do I Know I Received The Holy Spirit?”

For me, it was similar to how I know I have dinner every night, a request is made & my wife says, “Here’s your dinner honey”. I have the Holy Spirit because 1) I trust in who the Holy Spirit is: Jesus Christ my Savior &, 2) I saw what He said He would do & believed that He did, in fact, do it – which is faith. The Lord God of all creation, when He walked this Earth, admonished the very ungodly & religious people for always seeking after signs. In fact, He called them an evil & adulterous generation which is what I liken denominational religion to.
Jesus said, “Ask & ye shall receive.” I asked, & my Father gave me His Holy Spirit, & that is that. It may not be to the satisfaction of carnal & paganistic systems of religion (to be redundant), but it is something I know even more than I know my lovely wife gives me dinner, because it goes to the very core of my being.


2 thoughts on ““How Do I Know I Received The Holy Spirit?”

  1. I love the topic, the question you ask, and the reply you give. SUCH good news that all it takes is simple, childlike faith. . . . I hope that many will find your blog site and be blessed by your new ministry, Mark & Suzette. 😄

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